How to find an interesting route and follow it?
On the map go to the place you are interested in and click on the routes icon. In the mobile application, go to the place that interests you. You will see pins with interesting routes created by other users and guides. Tap on the pin will open the route. You can also view routes by clicking on the route icon in the lower menu.
How to create your own route on the map for everyone?
After you have enabled the guide mode, you can create your personal routes for everyone. To do this, go back to the map, go to the place where you want to create a route, zoom in on the map and tap on it, putting points on your route. A long tap on any point of the route will open a menu where you can add a route description, photos and much more.
Is it possible to complete the route with a local guide?
Yes! Find the route you are interested in on the map, tap on it and click Go with a guide online
How to start streaming for online travelers?
Very simple! On the main screen of the mobile application, click on the Create button.
How to watch online streams of travelers?
You can find streams on the map on the website or in the mobile application or on the Travel showcase

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