About the project

2AnyWhere was founded in 2021.
In 2022, the project became the winner among startups Sprint

More than 1000 online trips have been conducted on the 2AnyWhere platform.

At the end of 2022, we decided to completely update the concept, add new functions and features, make a service in which you can conduct and participate in streams or trips created by someone, realize yourself as an expert and a local guide, telling and showing others the hidden gems of your city, that places where you live. Even without leaving their house for example! ;-)

From the very beginning, the project was done only at the expense of the founders. In order for the project to develop, people should learn about it. And for this you need advertising, you need promotion. Even the best project can wither away if no one finds out about it!

Your help will help us attract users, give us an incentive to develop the project and make it interesting and useful!

You can help us on the services:

Mobile app «2AnyWhere»

We are open for cooperation!
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